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FIGHT KNIGHTS REVIVAL is our (GUMSMACK, LLC)’s first ever mobile game launch! We have been through a long journey to make this happen from: blood, sweat, tears, monet (French for money haha) and time, etc. we have gave it our best at delivering a mobile game that not only is and will be LEGENDARY, but at the same time complete a dream that we have had ever since we started playing mobile games.  We appreciate and welcome all players as family and yes we have bills to pay, but our goal is to deliver an affordable outlet to our gamer community 😉  At any rate, browse and join our FIGHT KNIGHTS site as well as playing the mobile app as we will often have events in the future in which rewards can be obtained.  See our future blog posts for more info there.  Once again, welcome to your NEW GAME – FIGHT KNIGHTS!

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