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    • good News though, since we launched BETA in June 2019, we can be grandfathered in to make our app compatible with 32 bit OS devices…so bare with us as we work on our backwards compatibility as 64 bit is the future and is better performance, graphics and security…but we do realize alot of players still have older 32 bit OS devices (ourselves included- well now we have both, but…) at any rate stay tuned for that…meantime keep spreading the word you guys! iOS build is in the Apple Store and is awaiting for them to approval…

  • FIGHT KNIGHTS has reached our FINAL build for “production” meaning we are now out of BETA in Google Play! We have also uploaded an iOS build and waiting for Apple to approve it, then it also will be FINAL […]

    • Also, for our online community here, appreciate of our followers and subscribers as we continue we will often post updates here as well as cheaper GOLD sales in our SHOP and soon have “OFFICIAL MATCHES” scheduled if you guys want to official declare war on another Alliance, etc. and we will host, schedule, video and post LIVE the action as well as the REWARDS for winning and or participating in an OFFICIAL FIGHT KNIGHTS, FIGHT NIGHT 😉


  • v1.9 is coming…be AFRAID! be very AFRAID! hehe Many improvements as this will more than likely be the closest ever to a final build to get out of beta…as a note, when we do get out of beta we will continue to update some minor things in the game and as we progress we will add bigger things as well so please spread the word and let’s make FIGHT…[Read more]

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    we got to play on build v1.7 tonight and many more enhancements, but declined the build to fix some issues and adjust some things, but we almost to FINAL release probably next week!

  • Update actually came out yesterday 09.06.2019 and is a MAJOR one with many graphic enhancements and system fixes…we are aware of some older devices not compatible so we are working to resolve this…but make […]

    • WHAT’S NEW
      Changes with this update (v1.6):
      – Major Visual Changes in Kingdom
      – Watch Towers Fully Functional
      – Kingdom Center Marked With Dragon Statue.
      – Hero Chop Animations and Boosts Available.
      – Marches Can Now Be Recalled.
      – New Teleportation Packs Available
      – Forge Screen more Organized.
      – Gear cabinent shows Level Vice Colors for Forged Gears.
      – New Scouting, Attacking, Rallying Musics and Troop Healing Sounds.
      – Graveyard more Organized.
      – Treasury Glitch Fixed.
      – Performance Improvements

  • So I’m hoping to play a game that is exciting 😁

  • Today 08.13.19 one of our GUMSMACK, LLC co owners and creators of FIGHT KNIGHTS was involved in a fatal car accident in Alachua County, FL…we all are devastated from this and send condolences to all family, […]

    • Frankie “baby” I love and miss you man!
      -HolaMthrFkr !

      FIGHT KNIGHTS will forge through this as we know it is what you would want us to do! Your place has been marked in our history and your castle forever preserved “Lord Latorre”…RIP 08.13.19

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    Hi This is neat. Is this connected to the actual game?

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    Hey everyone…… Just DL the game today. It looks great 🙂


    Just as an FYI, our latest build is out in Google Play! Version 1.5 which comes with some nice improvements and fixes 😉

    • Make sure you Update your FIGHT KNIGHTS app today! Also, I would clear data (I know don’t say it lol) but just to ensure no problems…you guys and ladies on the site here leave us some comments, let us know what you think about the latest build 😉 This build actually marks the 50% BETA completion milestone so we are very excited to be drawing near to the end of BETA 😉

      – Hola!

    • Thanks

  • To all KNIGHTS!
    We are updating build so during this process today if you find yourself unable to access or play the game you MUST check Google Play Store and Update your app to Version 1.4 before you can play […]

  • Word on the street is, we getting a new build today! hehe Many fixes to include players stuck @ Level 20 Stronghold! Plus many more as I do not want to spoil it 😉 Be on the lookout today, I will make another post when Update is available to FKR site and in game system message as well 😉 – Hola!

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  • Welcome Lady Charisma ! 😉 Any questions or concerns we are on LINE APP also, hit up Hola at his ID holamthfkr if needed 😉


  • Your Heros are waiting 😉

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