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FIGHT KNIGHTS has reached our FINAL build for “production” meaning we are now out of BETA in Google Play! We have also uploaded an iOS build and waiting for Apple to approve it, then it also will be FINAL “production” no BETA for iOS, but long story short…WE MADE IT! Yes, we have much to work on and progress and we progress, but we depend on our fans and players bringing in players so we can continue on the FIGHT KNIGHTS journey! Thanks to all BETA players, family, friends, our gamer peeps, etc. Much love and appreciate all efforts here at GUMSMACK, LLC and a RIP to Frank Latorre! He is looking down on us smiling we have finally made this milestone 😉 We love and miss you Frank! Ok, so let’s download and get to burning people hehe…but we appreciate all of our players and please spread the word about FIGHT KNIGHTS as we are the “underdog” in this world, but with our fan base we can get it done 😉
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    Sep 28, 2019 @ 0:08 am

    Also, for our online community here, appreciate of our followers and subscribers as we continue we will often post updates here as well as cheaper GOLD sales in our SHOP and soon have “OFFICIAL MATCHES” scheduled if you guys want to official declare war on another Alliance, etc. and we will host, schedule, video and post LIVE the action as well as the REWARDS for winning and or participating in an OFFICIAL FIGHT KNIGHTS, FIGHT NIGHT 😉


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